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About Us

From academic roots, our STIA organisation has attracted and trained some of the most enthusiastic crypto-currency traders in Australia.



STIA provides an education and training network for those interested in learning how to create a second income from crypto-currency.



We have a range of thorough and interactive educational packages designed to suit any budget, availability, and preferred learning method.


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We live it, we breathe it. Talk to us about anything crypto-currency; from learning the basics to advanced trading strategies for yourself and your friends.

About Us

A small beginning

STIA began as a trading club for students at the Queensland University of Technology. The passion and enthusiasm for trading which, was held by the few initial members, quickly spread throughout the campus and beyond the walls of the university to include members of the general public. The STIA membership base accumulated 350 individuals in 2017 alone, and workshops held by STIA for their members frequently filled rooms to capacity. Whilst STIA was heavily involved in all facets of trading, it was the crypto-currency team which made the greatest profit returns. Gradually our members began to request more and more crypto-currency related workshops and information, as did our team members involved in traditional assets such as indicies and commodities.In September 2017 an executive decision was made to take STIA to a more public realm so that we could begin passing on the education and experience accumulated by our crypto team, enabling everyone to learn the methods to obtain a significant second income, to the world beyond QUT.


Ideal for those who have never considered this kind of opportunity in the past, STIA provides education aimed at bridging the gap between traditional approaches to trading and understanding the new world of crypto-currency markets.

Technical Analysis

Not just a series of green and red bars on a screen. Technical analysis covers how to interpret and analyse price data, common patterns to look for, signals, indicators, and trade planning.

Risk and Mind Management

Gain an understanding of the psychology behind trading. Learn what triggers price spikes and dips, when to sell, and when not to. Familiarise yourself with commonly used crypto-lingo terms such as FOMO and HODL, and understand why these terms are pertinent to controlling risk.

Fundamental Analysis

What are the real world drivers for price fluctuations in crypto-currency trading? Learn how to differentiate between helpful and irrelevant news articles and press releases, and how to stay abreast of significant events relating to crypto-currencies you are interested in.

Fully Immersive Classes

Previously only available to STIA analysts, this six hour session covers the complex intricacies of Cryptocurrencies and technical analysis. We begin by expanding on the components of initial workshops, and then take your understanding of indicators, signals, and trading strategies to the next level.

Additional Resources

The STIA Network
Stay informed with our private crypto-currency trading network. Receive our Watchlists, Reports, Upcoming ICO Analysis, and get access to our internal communication system.

Mentoring Sessions
Hour long one-on-one mentoring sessions between you and one of our STIA analysts. Have any questions explained in depth, with examples where possible, to ensure you gain a solid understanding of the cryptocurrency trading techniques we teach.

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